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Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine
  • Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine
  • Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine
  • Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine
  • Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine

Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine

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Описание продукта

Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine for (0.5~3.5)×1600mm

Technical Specification

1. Basic technical parameters of coils
a) :Material of coils: HR/CR carbon steel, galvanized plate, colored steel plate etc.
b) Strip thickness: 0.5~3.5mm
c) Strip width: 300~1600mm
d) Inner diameter of coils: Φ508mm
e) Outer diameter of coils: Φ1800mm.

f) Max. coil weight: 18000Kg

slitting line

2. Working process
Coil-loading--Single-mandrel uncoiling--Coil-end-feeding & shoveling--Double-roller pinch feeding/three-roller leveling--End-cutting----Strip-aligning----Disk shearing--Scrap reeling--Hole Accumulator--Pre-separator/Tensioner--Recoiling--Coils-dischargingr--Hydraulic control--Electric control

3.Main technical specification of equipments

3.1 Coil loading car
1) Structure: Four wheels, car body made by welding
2) Driving motor: 2.2kw cycloid pin-wheel motor
3) Up-down movement driving: hydraulic cylinder Φ180×700mm
4) Up-down moving distance: 700mm
5) Max loading weight: 18000Kg.

3.2.Single-mandrel Uncoiler:
1) Working style: axial moving expansion by hydraulic cylinder driving Slanting slider
2) Uncoiling mandrel: Ф508×1650mm, for other coils of bigger inner diameter, put rubber sleeve on the mandrel.
3) Expansion range: Ф460--Ф510mm.
4) Hydraulic cylinder for expansion: Φ160×100mm
5)Braking style: pneumatic pressure-regulating brake
6) applicable coil width:300~1600mm.
Max. coil diameter:1800mm. Max coil weight:18000Kg.

leveling and coil part

3.3 Coil-end feeding & shoveling equipment
1)Structure: welding assembly with steel plates, up-down movement by hydraulic cylinder .
2)Two sets of Φ80×500mm hydraulic cylinder
3)Traction wheel: Φ250 × 400mm, NBR rubber wheel
4)Driving motor for traction: 2.2kw cycloid pin-wheel motor
5)Shoveling structure: welding assembly with steel plates, two tongue-shaped plates(big one to move up-and-down, small one to expand and contract)
6) Hydraulic cylinder for big tongue up-down movement: Φ80×400mm
7)Hydraulic cylinder for small tongue expansion Φ63×400mm

3.4 Double-roller pinch feeder, three-roller leveler
1)Welding assembly with steel plates, double-roller pinch feeding the coil strip.
2) Feeding roller and leveling roller: Φ160×1650mm
3) Material of feeding roller and leveling roller: 40Cr, hard chrome plating
4) Oil cylinder for up-down moving of feeding rollers: two pcs, Φ80×100mm
5) Up-down moving of leveling rollers: worm gears, 2.2KW cycloid reducer
6) Feeding and leveling power: 15KW cycloid reducer connected with universal joint

3.5 End-cutting Equipment
To cut off the redundant end of hot rolled coils, here install one hydraulic shearing equipment for max.1600mm wide and 4mm thick strip.

3.6 Aligning equipment
1)Structure: vertical rollers to restrict the progressing position of strip, while horizontal rollers to press strip.
2)Vertical rollers: three pairs, Φ90×125mm, high-frequency quenching
3)Horizontally press roller: Φ100×1700mm
4)Hydraulic cylinder for up-down moving of press roller: Φ80×100mm
5)To adjust one side of vertical rollers by double lead screws with adjusting range: 300-1600mm

3.7 Disc Shearing Machine
1)Structure: disc cutters circle shearing spindle tight, and the spindle is installed on support stand.
2)The spindle to install disc cutters: Φ220×1650mm
3)Material of the spindle: 40Cr, forging and tempering, medium-frequency quenching, hard chrome plating, fine polishing.
4)Disc cutter: D330×d220×T15mm
5) Material of disc cutter: 6CrW2Si, hardness after quenching HRC56~58°
6) Driving style: 45KW DC motor, matched with speed reducer, gearbox and universal joint.
7) Control on DC motor: Eurotherm 590 controller
8) Pressing-down of shearing spindle: 2.2KW cycloid pin-wheel motor with worm gear box
9) To change disc cutter: hydraulically (Φ63×450mm)driven, one stand of the disc shearer outward move until disc cutters can be installed
10)slitting speed: ≤50m/min

11)Slitting capacity: 3.5mm, max 6slits, at max 30mpm; 2mm, max 12slits 40mpm; 1mm, max 15slits 50mpm.

3.8 Scrap reeler
1)Structure: two scrap reelers, with one on each side of the slitting line
2)Each reel: Φ450×350mm
3)Each reel is driven by 3KW motor with speed regulating, slip is realized by friction wafer
4)Scrap-discharging style: hydraulically drive the scrap creel shrink, then can take scrap bundle down.
5)Scrap collecting style: hydraulically drive the creel to come-and-go

3.9 Hole Accumulator
1)Structure: hole with cement walls, two pieces of turnover plate to more or less cover the hole, so as to accumulate some strip in the hole.
2)Hole dimension: 4mL×2.0mW×4mH
3)Composition of turnover plate: to weld square steel pipes to set up a frame, lay wearable plastic plates on the frame; at the both edges, sliding roller respectively.
4)Overturning movement of turnover plate is driven by hydraulic cylinder (Φ80×500mm)

3.Pre-separator and Tensioner
1)Pre-separating shaft: Φ85×1700mm
2)Pre-separating discs: Φ200×3mm, 65Mn quenching treatment
3)Manually move outward the stand of one side up to be able to install pre-separating discs
4)Tensioning style: press the upper beam of tensioner stand down, put wooden plate and wool felt between upper and down beams
5)The pressing-down strength is done by two Φ80×150mm hydraulic cylinders, and strength is adjustable.
6)Balanced length-measuring roller: Φ320×1700mm, hard chrome coating.

3.11 Recoiler and Separator
1)Gear drive by gearbox, expansion and clamping of recoiler is driven by hydraulic cylinder (Φ140×100mm) through slanting slider.
2)Recoiling block: Φ508×1700mm
3)Strength for expansion of recoiler: hydraulic cylinder Φ160×100mm.
4)The support bracket of recoiling shaft: steel structural component, hydraulic cylinder Φ80×350mm
5)Strips-separating shaft: Φ85×1700mm
6)Separating discs: Φ200×3mm, 65Mn quenching treatment
7)Pressing-down the separating shaft: hydraulic Φ75×350mm, strength adjustable
8)Recoiling power: DC 55KW motor
9)DC motor control: Eurotherm 590 controller
10)Recoiling speed: max 50m/min
11)Max recoiled coil weight:18000kg

3.12 Coil-discharging car
1)Structure: four wheels, car body by welding
2)Driving motor: 2.2KW cycloid pin-wheel motor
3)Up-down movement driving: hydraulic cylinder Φ180×700mm
4)Up-down moving distance: 700mm
5)Max. loading weight:18000kg.
automatic stocker
3.13 Others
1)One set of hydraulic station, control valves, oil pipelines
Pressure: 16Mpa
Power: 7.5KW-4(Ⅵ)
Oil volume of oil tank: 450L
2)One set of electric control cabinet, two sets Operation panels
3)User self-prepare:
a) General switch of electric power, electric wires, cables and conduits
Air supply system: Air source Q=0.9m³/min.P=0.8Mpa
c)Lubricating oil, hydraulic oil
d)24kg light steel rails for loading car and discharging car, guard rails

4. Technical Documents
Provide instruction and operation manual, foundation drawing, layout drawing, vulnerable part drawings, hydraulic system schematic drawing, electric circuit drawing before or when
machine is delivered.

5. Delivery, Installation & Commissioning
1. Provide foundation drawing within a month after contract validation; delivery time: 90 days; Installation & commissioning: 25 days
2. Usually we send two or three engineers to direct installation and commissioning of the slitting line, the buyer should buy round-trip tickets for them, provide food & accommodation as well as local transportation to our engineers, and give each engineer 60$ per day for their technical service.

6. Provision of Accessories with the slitting line
Disc cutters: D330×d220×T15mm, material: 6CrW2Si, HRC56-58°, 22pcs
Disc separators: D200×d85x 3mm, material: 65Mn quenching treatment, 35pcs
Complete length of rubber sealings: 3200mm
Complete sets of steel cutter spacers: D260 x d220

Automatic High-Precision Slitting Machine could male the slitting work totally automaticlly without People interface. And the slitting line working speed could reach 90m/min.

Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., ltd


Цанчжоу ZHONGTUO крен формируя Machinery является профессиональным производителем и экспортером, что касается проектирования, разработки и производства холодной профилегибочная машины. Компания сотрудничает с рядом заводов и ассоциированных предприятий.

Инженеры и технические специалисты имеют богатый опыт проектирования, разработки и изготовления машин. Мы уделяем пристальное внимание на новое веяние технологий. Все продукты исполняют с международными стандартами качества и значительно оценены на рынках во всем мире.

roll forming machine company

china roll forming machine manufacturer company

О Компании
  • название компании: Zhongtuo Roll Forming Machinery Co., ltd
  • представитель: Xu Lianxing
  • Продукт / Услуга: плитка крыши делая машину , стальной крен палубы формир машина , Стальная Рама Формируя Машину , Сваренная труба делая машину , ролик двери затвора делая машину , крена следа стержня формируя машину
  • капитал: 5000000 USD
  • Год создания: 2006
  • Годовой Оборот: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Процент Экспорта: 91% - 100%
  • Общий годовой объем покупки (млн. долл. США): US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Число производственных линий: 10
  • Число научных сотрудников: 11 -20 People
  • Число работников Отдела контроля качества: 5 -10 People
  • OEM услуги, предоставляемые: yes
  • Плошадь завода (м2): 50,000-100,000 square meters
  • Адрес Завода: Traffic Street, Fuzhuang Industrial Zone, Botou, Cangzhou City, Hebei Province, China.
  • Контактное Лицо: Mr. Cary xu
  • Номер Телефона : 0086-0317-2191158
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